Data Protection

Say So Ltd is registered with the UK Data Registrar with Reg. No: A8183737

Personal information relating to the subjects of reports, those reporting (where provided) and client companies staff will be used, processed and stored securely.

All information will be used, processed and stored for as long as it is required for the collection and dissemination to the relevant client companies so that concerns reported to Say So can be managed by the client companies.

Say So Ltd recognizes that this information may be required to be kept until such time to enable criminal law and/or civil law proceedings to be properly completed. No personal information will be kept longer than is necessary.

Say So Ltd has a weeding, archiving and deletion policy that is commensurate with all reasonably anticipated requirements to comply with UK employment, civil and criminal law.

Say So Ltd will always propose argument that identities of reporters should not be revealed. We believe that any attempt to identify persons reporting in confidence or anonymously is counter-productive to Say So Ltd's overriding aims and priorities to encourage reporting of workplace concerns. We strongly believe therefore that there is a clear 'public interest' argument for maintaining confidentiality and anonymity. Say So pledges never to attempt to discover the identity of anyone reporting anonymously.