Say So Green Strategy 2023

'Climate change is happening now! We simply do not have a choice to do nothing!'

This document supercedes all previous documents on this topic and its contents will remain at the heart of all decision making in respect to ALL of Say So activities.

Moving to low and zero carbon and encouraging others

  1. We will continually utilise the most environmentally-friendly (lowest possible carbon emissions, reduced waste, highest efficiency, least polluting) means of transport available to meet our work commitment needs.
  2. We will reduce carbon emissions by using/purchasing/leasing/renting electric or other low carbon fuelled vehicles.
  3. We will endeavour to opt for the most environmentally-friendly option for conducting our business (eg printers, computers, paper, equipment, lighting and heating)
  4. We will constantly examine our business practices to adhere to and progress this strategy and seek advice where needed.
  5. We will ensure all business activities are monitored at Director level through an agenda item at Board Meetings.
  6. Periodic reports will be generated and posted on website.
  7. We will include in our clients staff briefings a section on environmental matters and the need for transformation to low carbon. Non-compliance with green strategy would be a completely legitimate reason for staff to report through Say So if they cant report through line management.
  8. We will take the time to engage with others to create better awareness and encourage best possible compliance with the green agenda.

Shaun Keep

Director - Say So Ltd

Jan 2023