Additional Business

Say So has developed positive relations and experience by working alongside like-minded professionals who offer short, medium and long term solutions to workplace challenges.

The below are all led and managed by experienced and qualified people who understand how valuable a good workforce operating within a positive workplace culture can be for any business or organisation.

Intersol Global

Mick Confrey and the team at Intersol Global are hugely experienced in undertaking a wide range of investigations within corporate, organisational and institutional settings. They will accommodate employment, civil and criminal law requirements and standards to ensure that reach impartial and fair conclusions that offer realistic options for action by clients.

Intersol Global professionalise today to protect tomorrow.

We do this by training, qualifying, advising on, and conducting investigations and investigative interviews globally.

Recognising that poor investigation can cost lives and careers we deliver investigation case management that is lean and 'extraordinary', ensuring reliable outcomes, maximum value, saving you money and improving reputation.

Effective investigation relies heavily on the cornerstone that is information. Recognising that "Say So" have developed and deliver reliable and innovative ways to secure and handle that information we are delighted to join forces to deliver a truly ground-breaking end-to-end reporting and investigation case management process.

"High stakes investigation is no place for the enthusiastic amateur" (Senior litigation partner, Global law firm).

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Tony Munday - Achieve Success UK

Tony Munday's services have been recommended and successfully deployed by Say So's clients. His leadership knowledge is exceptional and documented in his books. His structured debriefing process is versatile to assist all types of business challenges from crisis recovery to optimising performance and strategic direction. He is a qualified and award-winning business mediator.

Structured Debriefing fits well with Say So's ethos and purpose.

I am accredited by The Structured Debriefing Company, National Police Improvement Agency and Centrex to deliver Structured Debriefing nationally.

I conducted the Structured Debrief concerning the Drax Climate Camp Protest.

My report led directly to the doctrine of 'Adapting to Protest' by Her Majesty's Inspector of Constabulary.

Structured Debriefing can be the proactive arm of Say So in the following circumstances.

  • Following an external incident that carries the potential for significant reputational damage to the organisation.
  • A pattern of internal issues (e.g. sexual misconduct ) in a team or department is raised either by the Say So reporting system or internal stakeholders.

Structured Debriefing is a demonstrable and powerful way for the Senior Leadership team to confirm to its staff and the wider public that it takes such issues seriously.

ACAS estimated the cost of workplace conflict in the UK as £28.5 billion per year in 2021.

Alternatively, ACAS estimate the cost today as being £4000 per employee per year.'

Here is a short doodle video on the benefits of the Structured Debriefing process. -


Samantha Hudson

Samantha Hudson has been known to Say So for some years and provides excellent services to support vulnerable people suffering trauma related mental health issues, stress, PSTD.

Samantha J Hudson is a specialist PTSD therapist and an Accredited Member of the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society. She has been working with clients who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for 13 years.

'When you have PTS dealing with the past can be hard. Instead of telling others how you feel, you may keep your feelings bottled up. But talking with a practitioner can help you get better.'

Samantha J Hudson MBACP
(011 44) (0)7581 190101
(011 44) (0)1202 392979