Congratulations FosterWiki

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A real and meaningful step forward in supporting foster carers and those children in their charge has now been taken by this forward thinking organisation.

A strategic partnership with Say So has been agreed whereby FOSTERWIKI's membership can utilise Say So to safely raise concerns and issues that will be securely directed to leaders of children services or other responsible body for investigations and action where necessary.

This is particularly pertinent when you consider thaqt Foster carers are not covered by the protection offered to 'workers' who speak up under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 and who consequently feel very vulnerable whenever they consider reporting problems to local authorities or other bodies.

Say So is a leader in speak up provision and is determined to demonstrate through example that listening to those with concerns is a far more beneficial position for any organisation to take than the often deployed 'deny, deny, deny' and suppression of information tactics.

Sarah Anderson from Fosterwiki explains further here

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