The offences committed at Vielstone

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Watched Dispatches on Channel 4 last night (19/06/17 8pm). Another example of abuse in care comes by staff. This time a BUPA care home specialising in dementia care. BUPA!!!!! They are meant to be the gold standard in health and care, aren't they? The care sector needs to wake up to the problem and employ ever more robust measures to reduce abuse and raise standards. Get this programme on catch up if you haven't seen it.

The offences committed at Vielstone and other homes linked with the 'Atlas Project' are hugely concerning for the care sector.

Paul and I really cant understand why any care provider wouldnt see the advantages of an independent service for their staff to report concerns.

If this care company had employed Say So surely someone would have reported what was happening at an earlier stage. So much abuse could have been prevented.

Respect to the evential messenger who stood out against abuse.

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