Survey reveals alarming disconnect between owners and workforce in the care sector

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Say So is currently running a workplace survey into the openness and transparency of organisations and looking at the data we are already seeing some really interesting findings.

While the survey is still running, initial data would suggest there is a real disconnect between owners and their workforce, especially in the care sector.

Our survey reveals 75% of the owners in the care sector do not see the benefit of having an independent 3rd party provider for their whistleblowing policy, in fact they go as far as saying they would never even consider using one. Yet 50% of workforce respondents in the care sector said they would be more likely to report a workplace concern to an independent reporting system. Alarmingly, 25% of them said they were not comfortable in reporting concerns.

100% of the owners in the care sector stated they are happy with their current whistleblowing policy, however over half of the workforce who have reported a workplace concern, felt it was not dealt with adequately by the management team. This would suggest that the current policies and procedures owners and organisations have in place are not sufficient to meet the needs of the workforce.

We are left wondering why leaders in the care sector will not even entertain implementing an independent reporting system within their workplace, especially when it appears to be in contrast with what's being asked for by the workforce? We'd love to get your thoughts on why this could be, email

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