New strategic partnership arrangement between Say So and Intersol Global

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Paul Adams and Shaun Keep (founding directors) are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership arrangement between Say So and Intersol Global.

Say So is riding high developing the trend of internal openness and candour together with staff engagement and inclusivity to improve services and working cultures specialising in the care sector but reaching out in other business areas too. It has been successful in creating more learning opportunities and has saved over £500,000 for its clients in the last year.

We know that constant compliance monitoring, supervision and challenge is necessary to achieve the highest performance levels and Say So provides the necessary pro-active vigilance. With more and more leadership teams understanding the benefits that our service can bring to ambitious, quality-focused businesses the time is now right for a strategic collaboration that enables all forms of workplace concerns to be brought to light and resolved.

Intersol Global enhance any organisations capability to prepare for and manage emerging risks or threats by training, qualifying, advising on, and conducting investigations and investigative interviews. With Intersol's established background and skills and an aligned ethos and vision their involvement will enable our clients to bring resolution to any kind of business issue or concern in the workplace. In particular, with Intersol's Extraordinary Case Management (ECM®) optimum efficiency and effectiveness of management response to incidents is assured.

Ian Hynes, CEO at Intersol said:

"Effective investigation and risk management relies heavily on having reliably meaningful conversations. The cornerstone of investigation is information. Partnering with 'Say So' secures that information so that maximum value can be secured from it. We can train and qualify your organisation to investigate better as a result and support you to investigate high-risk complex investigations that demand specialist skills".

Shaun Keep, founding director at Say So said:

"The alliance of Say So with Intersol Global provides a unique and innovative combined service for any organisation. All stakeholders will reap the added benefits delivered by an incident reporting tool, carrying the confidence of all to use, complemented by a world-class external investigation resource".

Say So can now proudly acclaim not only that it is a leader of independent reporting services that builds the trust and confidence of staff but that it can also offer a combined service to our clients to resolve workplace issues quickly and efficiently with the help of Intersol Global. (

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Shaun Keep & Paul Adams
Directors - Say So Ltd