Care Campaign for the vulnerable - Networking Meeting

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Care Campaign for the vulnerable - Networking Meeting 23/07/2018

We were excited to be invited to meet Jayne Connery at her latest networking meeting and we were so pleased to talk to people who were as motivated as us to create real and meaningful change for the lives of the service users in care settings. We realised straight away that our goals were the same – keeping vulnerable people safe.
We are now a proud supporter of the Care Campaign for the Vulnerable and applaud the fantastic progress being achieved by Jayne and her group of committed healthcare professionals.

We explained Say So was created in 2017 by two safeguarding professionals who wanted to make a real difference by keeping more vulnerable people safe in the health and social care sector. Utilising our skills and experience we designed a service for care providers that encourages and facilitates the reporting of workplace concerns and overcomes all the usual barriers that prevent staff from speaking out. In turn this creates a change in culture so that open communication and candour flourishes within our client companies. More information concerning risks in the workplace reaches the appropriate decision maker and enables opportunities for early interventions and avoidance of serious failures. We believe this service is an essential factor for the raising of standards, reduction of risks and for improved workplace harmony. 

More and more progressive and forward-looking care providers are realising that to include all their staff in contributing and highlighting risk information can only lead to better overall performance and, specifically, greater safety for the service users. Notably, Say So can operate with existing procedures or technical installations such as CCTV safety monitoring and of course will not be limited by privacy considerations so has an access-all-areas deterrent capability. We believe the writing is on the wall, positive change is coming to communication in the workplace in the care sector.

With so many reviews, reports, studies and care staff themselves telling us of the concerns that they were unable to report, our service will unlock much more information than would otherwise be available to management concerning risks to the service user and ultimately to the care provider.

We believe that Say So is not only a tool for improving risk management – it also makes good financial and business sense in so many ways.

We look forward to working with Jayne and her campaign group to reach our common goal of keeping vulnerable people safe while receiving care.

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Shaun Keep and Paul Adams
Directors - Say So Ltd